Goin’ Back to Cali

We sent our latest Mills Family Newsletter. I shared some of the highlights from Carrie’s Facebook status updates. She’s hilarious!

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The Trip We’ll Never Forget!

Mills Family Collage (Jan 2012)

Mills Family Collage (Jan 2012)

We sent our latest Mills Family Newsletter. We talk about our trip back to California and share our future ministry plans.

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4 Days Without Mom

12 lessons I learned while Carrie was away for four days:

  1. My wife works harder than me. She not only has the time to educate these children, but she also cooks for them, cleans up after them, and  keeps them from killing each other.
  2. Mommy does everything better, just ask my kids.
  3. Attempting to do any kind of studying after a full day with four kids is nearly impossible.
  4. Secretariat is fun for all ages. Football…not so much.
  5. The sink (and neighboring counter top) can hold more dishes than you might initially think.
  6. Off! insect spray – when applied unevenly – actually attracts mosquitoes.
  7. Slightly charred burgers are not all that bad. And yes, it is possible to ruin a can of baked beans.
  8. Breakfast for dinner works as a great substitute.
  9. Zoning out can happen at any point and children can spot it immediately.
  10. If I cannot see or hear Thatcher (at all times!), he’s undoubtedly doing something forbidden, and Caitlin has probably led him there.
  11. It is possible to adequately clean the whole house in about an hour with the help of three trained girls who want to see their mother’s smile (as long as Thatcher remains intrigued by the vacuum).
  12. My children need their mother, and so do I.

September Newsletter

We just sent out our September family newsletter. If you didn’t receive it you can read it here (be sure to click “Subscribe to List” at the top left of the newsletter to receive them by email in the future). Lots of updates to share, but I kept it as short as possible. We’ll continue to keep everyone posted as things progress.

Mommy now has a MS driver license

Carrie had to get her MS driver license today. Her experience at the DMV here was just as fun as past experiences in California.

Step 1: Wait in a long line.
Step 2: Get to the front of the line only to realize you don’t have everything you need.
Step 3: Go home to get everything.
Step 4: Return to DMV
Step 5: Wait in an exponentially longer line.
Step 6: Pray you have everything you need when it is your turn at the counter.

Caitlin’s Blood Test Results

For the first time we are puzzled by the blood test results. There was almost no inflammation! That is wonderful. But what does it mean? Caitlin has been doing a lot better the last few days. She hasn’t shown any signs of joint pain that we can tell. This hasn’t been all that unique because she has had good and bad days this whole time. But now that the inflammation is almost gone we are hopeful that it isn’t JRA. With JRA we were expecting the inflammation to have gone up. Continue reading