Please Continue to Pray for Our Friend Anna Peterson

The Peterson Family: Brian, Anna, Samuel, Kiah, Kate, TJ, Nathan, Meagan, and Micah (not pictured)

Thank you for keeping Anna in your prayers. This is a continuation of the timeline. You can read the updates from the beginning here.

Friday, Jan. 20:

5:14pm – From Randi: Anna just heard from the coumadin clinic and everything is in the normal range! PTL She will be weaned off the shots during the next two days. Then on Tuesday another lab date. The multiple incisions are healing and she should be able to take a shower tomorrow! She just finished physical therapy so she is exhausted but was able to walk unaided for 6 minutes. Please continue to pray for her to have no infections, her strength to return, and for her physical therapy to continue to go well. Oh, and don’t forget to thank and praise God for all He has done in and through this journey. We are so grateful.

Saturday, Jan. 21:

1:07pm – From Randi: Please pray for Anna. Brian is taking her to the ER because she has blood in her urine. She doesn’t have any pain so that is good. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses. Please pray that Anna can see a doctor who knows her. Also, pray for her emotionally – she is shaking and is really scared. Thanks again, prayer warriors

8:07pm – From Randi: Just heard from Brian. Anna is back in the hospital. Her white blood cell count is elevated and the CT scan of her kidneys and bladder showed two pockets of clear fluid. As I shared earlier there was blood in her urine and they are trying to find out why. Please pray for her. She needs peace and the doctors and nurses need wisdom. We certainly know that God can provide both so once again we are asking you to intercede on her behalf.

Sunday, Jan. 22:

4:56am – From Randi: Please pray. Hemoglobin is dropping, heart rate is up. They are discussing another transfusion.

9:20am – From Anna: “Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I may continually come; you have given the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.” Psalm71:3 This is the verse I have clung to since “waking up.”

11:06am – From Randi: Blood issue seems resolved. Thankful. Hemoglobin needs to stabilize. Please pray for this. Also the catheter needs to come out so her bladder can work on its own. Pray they do it soon. Thanks for your continued involvement with us.

8:25pm – From Randi: Anna is home from the hospital! The doctor thought the blood in her urine was a result of an infection, so she is on antibiotics for 12 days. They flushed her bladder for about 15 hours and several clots came out which was good. The ct scan showed that the large clot in her abdomen area is dissolving, which is good. Her hemoglobin seems to have stabilized which is good. And did I mention that she is home from the hospital so she should sleep well tonight, which is good. The baby continues to do well, which is good. Thanks for praying and remembering with us that God is good.

I will continue to update this post every couple of days with the latest information. If you would like more frequent updates join the Facebook prayer group. Thank you for praying!


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