Caitlin’s Blood Test Results

For the first time we are puzzled by the blood test results. There was almost no inflammation! That is wonderful. But what does it mean? Caitlin has been doing a lot better the last few days. She hasn’t shown any signs of joint pain that we can tell. This hasn’t been all that unique because she has had good and bad days this whole time. But now that the inflammation is almost gone we are hopeful that it isn’t JRA. With JRA we were expecting the inflammation to have gone up. Continue reading


Caitlin’s Appointment and Brad’s Car

Caitlin went back to the hospital today for an appointment with the Rheumatoid Specialist. We were hoping to receive a diagnosis but we did not get one. They took more blood and asked a ton of questions about her symptoms. There are still some puzzling aspects of her symptoms so the specialist wants to take her time. Continue reading

Latest Blood Test Results

Caitlin’s blood test came back as the doctor had expected. Her inflammation was present, but it has gone down. Another marker, I can’t remember the name of it, has increased. It appears Caitlin is following right along the road that is typical of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). There are three types of JRA and Caitlin seems to have Systemic JRA which happens to be the rarest. Continue reading

Bone Scan Results = Normal

Kari McGrath Photography

The good news is that Caitlin’s bones didn’t show any infection. The Rheumatoid Specialist saw nothing abnormal from the scan. Our pediatrician still thinks it is probably JRA. I’m not sure if she thought the bone scan would show anything or not. At least we can be a little more certain that it wasn’t something cancerous. They weren’t ever thinking in that direction anyways, but the bone scan would probably have showed something if it were cancer. So it is a little peace of mind for us. Continue reading