Check Kawasaki Disease Off the List

We were told that Caitlin does not have Kawasaki Disease, which is actually bad news. We were hoping that was the problem because it would have only lasted another few weeks. Unfortunately, due to the inflammation in her blood, the problem is looking like it has something to do with her bones (e.g., Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). We are probably in for a long wait to have any official diagnosis. Typically, doctors want to see the symptoms and continue tests for six weeks before they come to a conclusion. Continue reading


Speaking much of God vs. speaking much of our experience of God

Jonathan Edwards distinguishes between the way true saints speak of God compared to the way hypocrites focus on their own experience of God. This acute perception casts doubt on every health and wealth preacher I’ve ever heard (and then some).

As in their high affections they keep their eye upon the beauty of their experiences, and greatness of their attainments; so they are great talkers about themselves.—The true saint, when under great spiritual affections, from the fullness of his heart, is ready to be speaking much of God, and his glorious perfections and works, and of the beauty and amiableness of Christ, and the glorious things of the gospel: but hypocrites, in their high affections, talk more of the discovery, than they do of the thing discovered; they are full of talk about the great things they have met with, the wonderful discoveries they have had, how sure they are of the love of God to them, how safe their condition is, and how they know they shall go to heaven, &c.

Religious Affections, Part III: Section 2

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Caitlin and Mommy are home!

The doctors decided to allow Caitlin to go home even though no official diagnosis had been determined. Her fever never returned which is a huge blessing. The echocardiogram was supposed to help but Caitlin did not cooperate. They also wanted to do a full body scan, but that cannot take place until Monday. So rather than keep her in the hospital over the weekend, they allowed her to go home. She is sleeping now…in her own bed! And so is mommy. They are wiped out. Continue reading

An update from Carrie

If you are friends with Carrie on Facebook, then you have already read her updates. I have copied them here for the rest of you.

Here is an update she wrote last night:

Enjoying a moment to myself. Cate is finally falling asleep. It has been a long terrible day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am ready for her to be done with testing and to get an answer…….and to sleep in my own bed. The cots here are brutal!!! Continue reading

An update on Caitlin

I do not have any real news today. The blood test from yesterday showed inflammation. That confirms there is a problem, but there are so many possible viruses/diseases associated with her symptoms that they have not given us any additional diagnosis. The doctors are being pretty vague, not giving us their opinions at this point. Basically, they have a long list of possibilities and each test helps to narrow it down. Continue reading